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Senior Inhouse Activity Week

Our Inhouse activity days are a big highlight of The Summer Term.

Year 8 have been  team building with all kinds of activities going on. They have built bridges strong enough to stand on, learnt how to make a fire to cook on, constructed a teepee well enough to balance an egg on and assemble a cart to transport a person carrying water on!

Year 9 accepted the challenge to build retro inspired water rockets to safely launch their ‘eggstronaught’ and get them back in one piece. They also enjoyed Chef D’s American Diner Experience! The challenge was to make everything from scratch from the buns to the burger, they even had a choice of beef, lamb or chickpea! To top it off Chef D introduced them to a Coke Float. Others were making T-shirts or creating a magazine about all that’s going on in the school!

Year 10 spent two days doing a virtual working experience with REED, a recruitment agency working in groups on a range of different tasks set by Reed department managers.