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School life

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Primary curriculum

Christ-centred education

Teaching children the truth about God and His world is at the centre of Christian education.

Although the content of a Christian curriculum is not vastly different from that taught in most schools today, it is the context within which that content is placed that makes the difference. Christian education derives its context and basis from truths and values taught by God through the Bible. Each class focusses on a half termly Heart Concept, a Bible verse or Biblical truth, around which all their other learning is based.

Although numeracy and literacy are a key focus, a broad range of other subjects are highly valued, allowing pupils to discover their own areas of interest and enjoyment.

Small class sizes enable us to meet the needs of all pupils as teachers know each child well, supporting them as individuals in their learning journey.


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) that is taught in Reception is a continuation of a child’s learning journey from nursery and/ or pre-school. Throughout the year there is a mixture of child-initiated activities and adult-directed tasks. Secure relationships and an enabling environment are crucial to allow individual children to thrive in all areas of development. Activities are designed to allow opportunities for children to progress in the 3 Characteristics of Effective Learning as well as the 17 Early Learning Goals that are outlined below.

Finding out and exploring
Playing & Exploring – EngagementPlaying with what they know
Being willing to ‘have a go’
Being involved and concentrating
Active Learning – MotivationKeep trying
Enjoying achieving what they set out to do
Having their own ideas
Creating & Thinking Critically – ThinkingMaking links
Choosing ways to do things

KS1 & KS2 Subjects 

ArtMusic Biblical studies
Physical educationDesign technology
Personal social and health educationEnglish and drama
Spanish (y3-6)Mathematics
HistoryTopic (History or Geography)
"Anyone considering The King’s School for their children, will be making the best decision they have ever made for their academic, spiritual, emotional and social growth. Both my children attended the school and I have no doubt that the environment and staff played a key role in their development to encounter and thrive in the world."

Mrs Pole

"My son joined The King’s School in Year 2. The teachers, right from the start, identified his needs and made recommendations to assist him – provided us with guidance and support throughout, which made such a huge difference to my son who needed both behavioural and educational support"

Mrs Hamilton

"We've been part of The King’s School family for 7 years. We've seen our children grow in stature, maturity and their own personal faith. At no other school will you ever be given a prophetic word or verse of Scripture for your child! They're loved, cherished and valued by ALL the staff as if they were their own children."

Mrs Boxall

"The King’s School has been a huge blessing to us and our children. They love learning here, they love the teachers, they love the atmosphere. We’d recommend it to anyone."

Mr Hicks

"The King’s School's been an amazing experience for not only our children, but for our entire family. The school welcomed our family when we moved to the area, other parents and children were incredibly supportive and kind, and we instantly felt at home."

Mrs Shergill

"The King’s School is beautiful, inside and out! Every day our daughter learns so much more than just phonics and maths, she learns who she is and what she can do as an individual, and this school not only allows her to do this but encourages and supports her in every aspect."

Mrs Price

"The King's School is incredible. The staff are amazing and really care about & know all the children so well. Our girls have come on in leaps & bounds since joining. We love the atmosphere and the whole ethos. Couldn't imagine them being anywhere else now. "

Mrs Mullane

"Fantastic School. I have 1 in senior in his last year, and 2 in primary. The communication between staff and parents is very good. The kindness shown by staff throughout the primary school clearly inspires the pupils to emulate this towards each other. Highly Recommended."

Mr Gordon