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Pastoral care

Children spend a significant amount of their life at school and we ensure that all our pupils feel secure when they are in our care. Pastoral support is a strength at The King’s School; teachers prioritise building positive relationships with their classes and pray for them regularly.

In primary the main level of pastoral support is provided by class teachers. With small class sizes teachers have the opportunity to know each child individually, understanding not only their strengths and weaknesses, but also their joys and concerns. They have time to listen to each child and support them during their time in school as they develop both academically and in character.   

Pastoral care in the senior part of the school is provided initially by form tutors, and is overseen by the Pastoral Leads. Each day begins with a devotional tutor time. This allows opportunity for tutors to get alongside the pupils in their group, developing relationships and getting to know them as individuals. Our Learning Support Team is available for those who require additional support.

Parents are always welcome to come and talk to teachers and tutors as we work together to best support every child.

6th September to 15th December 2023 (1pm end of day)
Autumn term
23rd to 27th October 2023
October half-term
Monday 30th October 2023
Inset day
8th January to 28th March 2024
Spring term
12th to 16th February 2024
February half-term
Monday 19th February 2024
Inset day
16th April to 11th July 2024
Summer term
27th to 31st May 2024
May half-term
"Anyone considering The King’s School for their children, will be making the best decision they have ever made for their academic, spiritual, emotional and social growth. Both my children attended the school and I have no doubt that the environment and staff played a key role in their development to encounter and thrive in the world."

Mrs Pole

"My son joined The King’s School in Year 2. The teachers, right from the start, identified his needs and made recommendations to assist him – provided us with guidance and support throughout, which made such a huge difference to my son who needed both behavioural and educational support"

Mrs Hamilton

"We've been part of The King’s School family for 7 years. We've seen our children grow in stature, maturity and their own personal faith. At no other school will you ever be given a prophetic word or verse of Scripture for your child! They're loved, cherished and valued by ALL the staff as if they were their own children."

Mrs Boxall

"The King’s School has been a huge blessing to us and our children. They love learning here, they love the teachers, they love the atmosphere. We’d recommend it to anyone."

Mr Hicks

"The King’s School's been an amazing experience for not only our children, but for our entire family. The school welcomed our family when we moved to the area, other parents and children were incredibly supportive and kind, and we instantly felt at home."

Mrs Shergill

"The King’s School is beautiful, inside and out! Every day our daughter learns so much more than just phonics and maths, she learns who she is and what she can do as an individual, and this school not only allows her to do this but encourages and supports her in every aspect."

Mrs Price

"The King's School is incredible. The staff are amazing and really care about & know all the children so well. Our girls have come on in leaps & bounds since joining. We love the atmosphere and the whole ethos. Couldn't imagine them being anywhere else now. "

Mrs Mullane

"Fantastic School. I have 1 in senior in his last year, and 2 in primary. The communication between staff and parents is very good. The kindness shown by staff throughout the primary school clearly inspires the pupils to emulate this towards each other. Highly Recommended."

Mr Gordon