Building strong foundations
The King’s School is a happy, caring environment where every child is loved and valued.

School is a major part of a child’s life and at The King’s School all students are able to thrive and grow, enjoy learning, make new friends and achieve in all areas of school life. Happy children make the best progress and our staff take a holistic view of each child. We provide a positive, caring environment in which children can develop a strong sense of their identity and destiny. Building their confidence, and encouraging them to express individual ideas is at least as important as teaching the academic curriculum. We aim to develop children who are strong and resilient, secure in their identity in God, caring of others and able to relate to one another in positive ways.

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Ages: 4-5
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Key Stages 1-2
Ages: 5-11
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There is no substitute for visiting us yourself. Please feel free to contact the office to arrange an appointment. We would be delighted to meet you personally and take you on a tour of our unique school.
Oct 2022

The King’s School is beautiful, inside and out! Every day our daughter learns so much more than just phonics and maths, she learns who she is and what she can do as an individual, and this school not only allows her to do this but encourages and supports her in every aspect.

Mrs Price