Providing education of quality & excellence in a loving, safe Christian environment
This is a school where children grow in wisdom, stature and favour with God and others.

We provide education of quality and excellence in a loving and safe Christian environment where children are free to be children. We enable pupils to understand their God given identity and to prepare them for adulthood.


While delivering a traditional curriculum we ensure that all our learning is placed within a distinctive Christian context. Students are taught about God and biblical principles through the subjects they study.


We develop student character and encourage independence and confidence in preparation for adult life. A range of opportunities is available both within and outside our normal curriculum, including numerous sporting activities, various drama and musical productions, a residential outdoor activity programme as well as an overseas mission trip.


The Bible teaches us to love God and our neighbour as ourselves. At The King’s School we provide an environment in which students can develop their relationship with God, staff and each other.

Through our assemblies, tutorial times and lessons we teach students about the value of good conduct and forming healthy friendships with each other and the wider community.

‘Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.’ Proverbs 22:6


Open Days
There is no substitute for visiting us yourself. Please feel free to contact the office to arrange an appointment. We would be delighted to meet you personally and take you on a tour of our unique school.
Mar 2020

We have been part of The King’s School family for 7 years. We have seen our children grow in stature, maturity and in their own personal faith. At no other school will you ever be given a prophetic word or verse of Scripture for your child! They are loved, cherished and valued by ALL the staff as if they were their own children.

Mrs Boxall