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Year 5 challenge: 1km every day!

The Yr 5 ‘1k everyday’ has become a tradition.  As lovely as the glow at the end feels, I have to tell you about the hard, hard work that has happened over the year to achieve this fantastic achievement.

At the beginning of the year, 1k everyday felt like a chore. An insurmountable task for many. You see it is about mindset as much as anything. Every day, hot or cold, rainy or baking, Year 5 put on their trainers and set their minds to completing the four laps of the big field, or the 15 laps of the top playground when it was wet.  They learnt to pace themselves and they gradually became more confident.

By Christmas, every child managed to run the whole way. This was fabulous for morale. By Easter some of the children wanted to extend themselves to running a mile every day, which they did. We discovered some beautiful athletes: some who could just stretch out on the last few laps and achieve a stunning pace, some who discovered they were rock steady pacers and could maintain it for a whole kilometre and some who had to set their face like flint and graft to achieve their daily goal.

Now at the end of the summer term, Yr 5 know they can run a kilometre without batting an eyelid, but they have also learnt a lot about their character, about what hard work can achieve and about their own capacity.  It has been wonderful to watch.  Every single one can now call themselves a ‘runner’. I am very proud of them. Watch out next year’s Yr 5!!