The daily routine
See below for details of the Senior timetable

Students should arrive at school by 8.45am ready to begin their first session at 8.50am. Please note that in the interest of children’s safety, other than in exceptional circumstances, we do not allow cars up the drive. Unless alternative arrangements have been agreed, students should leave the school site by 3.45pm.

We operate a two week timetable and your child’s individual timetable can be viewed via the Parent Portal on Schoolbase.

Senior Timetable
Summer Winter
Tutor Time/Assembly 8.50am 8.50am
Lesson 1 9.25am  9.25am
Lesson 2 10.20am  10.25am
Morning Break 11.15am  11.25am
Lesson 3 11.35am  11.45am
Lunch Break 12.25am  12.45am
Lesson 4 1.30pm  1.25pm
Afternoon Break 2.20pm  2.20pm
Lesson 5 2.40pm  2.35pm
School Finishes 3.30pm 3.30pm



Please ensure that your child brings the following items to school each day:

Pencil case including Maths equipment including:
Pens Compass
Pencils Protractor
Coloured Pencils Scientific Calculator
Eraser Ruler
Highlighter Pens Chromebook (Years 9 – 11)