Developing young people of destiny
The King's School is a thriving environment in which young people can discover their identity and develop a sense of destiny.

As students move into the Senior School  they continue to thrive and grow, enjoying the freedom of childhood for as long as possible while maturing into confident and independent young people. Students are offered a broad and balanced curriculum leading to GCSEs and other qualifications which prepare them for the next steps in their education.  In addition, a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities help students develop important personal qualities and life skills such as leadership, confidence and teamwork.


Senior Curriculum
Key stage 3-4 Curriculum
Ages: 12-16
Extra Curricular Activities
Pastoral Information
Wisdom, Stature, Favour
The School Day
Open Days
There is no substitute for visiting us yourself. Please feel free to contact the office to arrange an appointment. We would be delighted to meet you personally and take you on a tour of our unique school.
July 2022