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Science Club

This year we ran Science Club every other Tuesday lunch time for pupils who had an interest in exploring Science at a deeper level and wanted to engage in Science activities outside of the curriculum. We began by exploring the properties of copper and entered the “Uncover Copper” competition.

We produced two high quality posters. We learnt how Copper is useful in medicine, in industry and the importance of recycling precious metals. We brought our year to a close with some playful science concepts.

We looked at bubble mix and the ingredients required to make it, we explored their properties and then competed within the group to develop the best bubble mixture and create the biggest bubbles. We also looked at “gloop” (cornflour and water) and explored how the particles behave to create this fun non-Newtonian fluid.”

Emily year 8

“Science Club is really fun and gives me the opportunity to learn more about how science works in everyday life.”

Josh H year 8

“I enjoy science club as the activity and going and learning a lot about science, I especially enjoyed the bubbles.”

Japheth Harris (year 8)

“I really enjoy computer science because it’s very challenging helping me to improve skills I have not yet mastered.”

“I enjoy maths and science because it is essential to what I want to do when I’m older, it is challenging and makes me want to persevere in what I do.”