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Mini Marathon October 2019


For the last few years we have run a fundraising event called the Mini Marathon for Primary children and this year the Seniors also accepted the challenge!

The event is set out to run a collaborative marathon between all the children by running 250 meters laps at the school field. The children could run as many loops of their track as they chose on their class’s allocated time and were sponsored per lap or whole event by their families and friends.

Once again the event was a great success: the children ran over 20 marathons between them throughout the day and raised an astonishing £3,074.70. Funds went towards new sporting equipment and the charity, Equip to support The Joy of A Child, a church based initiative program supporting families in needs in Rwanda. We are very appreciative of our sponsors’ generosity.

All our children received a medal and certificate for their hard work and diligent, and there was a trophy for the most laps and the most money raised.