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Itchen Valley Country Park

In June year 1 and 2 visited the gem on our doorstep, Itchen Valley Country Park. We arrived and immediately headed for the woods as the heavens had decided to open! The canopy cover protected us and we were able to remain dry while we hunted for bugs. Next, we made homes for them, thinking of features that the bugs would need. The sun came out in time for us to enjoy a play in the park and a lunch time picnic. After an ice-lolly we returned to the woods to build dens and drink hot chocolate. We returned to school with the children who were thoroughly inspired to enjoy the outdoors even in the rain.

Lepe Beach

This year the year 1 and 2 class have been on 3 exciting trips. Here is what they had to say.

“Lepe beach was amazing because we did pond dipping.” –

“Portchester Castle was good because it was a real castle.” – Ollie