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General Election

On the 8th June while the country went to the polls so did The King’s School in our very own general election. Thursday was the culmination of a week of campaigning by our students representing their chosen parties – Liberal Democrats, Conservatives, Green Party and Labour.

The day before going to polls each party had to present manifestos in front of the whole school. The parties rose to the challenge giving confident and clear speeches followed by a tough question and answer session. Students threw tough questions at our future MPs on a range of topics from climate control, university fees, the economy and even fox hunting, creating thought provoking conversations.

The day of the big vote saw the transformation of the library into a polling station where students and staff passionately poured in to vote with the MPs waiting outside. Finally, the results came through: Labour was victorious (followed by Conservatives, Green party and Liberal Democrats).

Each student did a fantastic job representing their parties by efficiently communicating their policies, which engaged the whole school in politics. Do we have a future PM in our midst?! Many thanks to all involved.