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All out war for Year 7!

This July,  Year 7 could be seen battling outside as they re-enacted The Battle of Naseby from The English Civil War.

Although not all our weapons and accessories were strictly from the period, the battle was fought according to the original, under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell (James Ewbank ) and Sir Thomas Fairfax ( Thomas Medway ) for the New Model Army of the Parliamentarian Roundheads, and Prince Rupert ( Fraser White) and   Sir Marmaduke Langdale( Malachi Osei-Owusu) for the Royalist Cavaliers.

Using cavalry, cannons, pikes and muskets the Roundheads started with the advantage on the upper ground.

Despite effective cavalry attacks from the right flank of the Royalists, the Roundheads quickly surrounded the ,rest of the smaller Cavalier army, causing them to die, surrender or flee. King Charles himself (Mrs Land-Jones), although present, was fairly ineffective in battle and was one of the ones to run away!

A decisive battle for the period and a great way to learn History for Year 7!